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Open positions at Gilchrist include leadership roles, clinical roles and non-clinical roles. Please review our highlighted positions below!


You will thrive here. Gilchrist is a warm and welcoming atmosphere and an environment that encourages your thoughts and ideas. The support and structures are in place to properly accelerate your efforts. You will work with seasoned professionals who collaborate as a team. Gilchrist is a company committed to your growth and development.  If you are someone who wants to discover your potential and make a meaningful difference, apply to Gilchrist today.  


Gilchrist offers comprehensive benefits that are among the best in the region. The program includes benefits for your health, income protection, generous retirement match, work-life balance, tuition reimbursement, wellness resources, access to financial rewards and perks and future financial security. We continually review our benefit programs to ensure they meet the diverse needs of our workforce. We are also committed to timely and concise communication and innovative tools to help you choose and use the program that is best for you.


Gilchrist is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Maryland’s leading nonprofit provider of serious illness and end-of-life care. With elder medical care, counseling support and hospice, our life-affirming programs ensure that our patients have the best possible quality of life and the opportunity to live every moment to its fullest. Our commitment to excellence attracts an energetic and dedicated team of industry professionals who share a passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients and families.


We believe in giving our team members every opportunity to succeed. Our wide range of training and development opportunities and diverse experiences build a foundation for a set of professional skills that result in personal growth and achievement. Additionally, team members have the opportunity to collaborate with others and build professional relationships that last a lifetime. A job at Gilchrist isn’t just a job, but a meaningful career.

Great Place To Work

Gilchrist has been certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work® for four years in a row. This credential was earned based on extensive ratings provided by employees in anonymous surveys. Employees rated their workplace in areas ranging from atmosphere, pride, communication, leadership, camaraderie and fairness. 90% of respondents said they feel their work has a special meaning; this is not “just a job.”, “feel a sense of pride about what the accomplish” and “are proud to tell others they work at Gilchrist”.

Committed to the mission

“You may not get that special relationship with every patient, but they all touch you in their own special way.”
– Paula Schaffer, RN (Gilchrist Hospice Nurse)

“It’s easy when you work with the same people all the time consistently. I love this organization.”
– Meleaka Coombs, CNA (Gilchrist Hospice Aide)

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Our open positions offer a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Join us in a journey where passion meets purpose, and together, we create a world of care, compassion, and excellence.