Corporate Support from Local Organizations

Corporate support is a great way to help nonprofit organizations that are important to you, your employees and the community at large. Gilchrist relies on philanthrophic support to meet our mission and provide exceptional care to the people and families we serve. We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities that will promote your company while providing valuable benefits such as event tickets, advertising opportunities and promotion of your support on our website and in our social media.

Corporate Support – Partner with Gilchrist

There are many reasons for a company to make charitable donations.  Partnering with Gilchrist is a mutually beneficial way to support our work and to increase your visibility as a business that is making a difference in the local community.  

Supporting nonprofits can also have a positive impact on your work culture while helping others. Studies have shown that companies that support charitable causes helped influence potential employees to accept a job offer. In today’s social media era, charitable companies earn the reputation of being “good” companies, causing more people to support that business. By supporting a charity, your business is communicating its values and can attract new customers that are involved with the charity you support.  

An immediate benefit to your business from supporting a charity is the ability to get a charitable tax deduction. Donations that are generally tax-deductible include sponsorship of charities or events, donations of inventory or services, and cash donations. Depending on income and other factors, giving money to charities can be complicated – so talk to your accountant or tax adviser for specific advice.  

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Your support makes a critical difference for the people and families we serve.