Gilchrist Presents

The Gilchrist Ball

Saturday, December 7, 2024

7:00 PM | Grand Lodge of Maryland

In 1994, a transformative philanthropic gift established Gilchrist. In 2024, we commemorate this incredible act of generosity and 30 years of providing serious illness and end of life care to the community. This year’s Gilchrist Ball will celebrate this important milestone and the commitment of so many who helped make Gilchrist what it is today.

Thank you for your support which honors the past and ensures the future of Gilchrist.

Please contact Julie Kolankiewicz for more information at

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2024 Committee


Jen & Matt Bollinger

Honorary Co-Chairs

Pedie & Robert Killebrew


Nell & Carl Buhlman
Brooke & Bill Buppert
Jana & Richard Burch
Laura & Flynn Burch
Karen Deeley
Nell & Mitchell Goetze
Jessica Gray
Jon Hall
Rick Huether


Dina Mallis Klicos
Katie & Matt Melnick
Mary & Tim Mullan
Lorraine & Mark Schapiro
Beth & Stuart Smith
Xandy & Roger Waesche