Volunteer Training Information

Gilchrist trains all volunteers on the hospice philosophy so they are fully prepared to help families in our care.

Benefits of Volunteering for Hospice

Volunteering for hospice is very rewarding. When you become a volunteer, you can make a difference to the patient and their loved ones at a time when they need it most. You have the chance to make connections that are meaningful. Moreover, you get to learn more about the person you are visiting. Not only are you helping the patient and their family, but you are also helping Gilchrist. We have also heard from our volunteers that they come away from the experience with a new appreciation for life.

Volunteer Training, Time and Other Requirements

Before completing the volunteer training form, we ask that volunteers be at least 12 months out from a significant loss in their personal life.  In addition, you should be willing to commit to serving between two to four hours a week for at least one year.

All volunteers must complete our comprehensive training to ensure an understanding of Gilchrist’s mission, programs and services. By the end of this training, volunteers will:

  • Be knowledgeable about our guiding philosophy of care
  • Understand the many physical and emotional challenges confronting seriously ill individuals and their families
  • Be flexible and unafraid of spending time with individuals experiencing the debilitating effects of living with a serious illness

If you are interested in becoming a Gilchrist volunteer, please email our Volunteer department for more information.

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Become a Volunteer

For more information, contact Jane O’Hara, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator, at 443.849.8376 or johara@gilchristcares.org.