Gilchrist's Board of Directors

The Gilchrist Board of Directors is comprised of up to 24 community leaders from throughout our service area who meet quarterly to discuss recent developments at Gilchrist and new ways to expand and enhance our award-winning programs.

Board of Directors – Officers:

Dr. Timothy Doran

Timothy F. Doran, M.D.


Stuart Archer Smith III

Stuart A. Smith, III

Vice Chair

Christel Curtis
Christel Curtis


Matt Bollinger

Matthew Bollinger


Board Members

William Beckford
William L. Beckford
Jana Burch
Jana C. Burch
Paul Celano
Paul Celano, M.D.
Dr. Gary Cohen
Gary I. Cohen, M.D.
Ann Croom

Ann Croom

Board of Directors Dr. Ira Fine
Ira T. Fine, M.D.
Board of Directors Eugene Friedman
Eugene A. Friedman, Esq.
Mitchell Goetze
Mitchell Goetze
Board of Directors Bill Hecht
William Hecht
Board of Directors Rick Huether
Richard D. Huether
Margaret Kim

Board of Directors John Mangione
John Mangione
Board of Directors Dr. Kevin Manning
Kevin J. Manning, Ph.D.
Board of Directors Dr. Redonda Miller
Redonda G. Miller, M.D.
Board of Directors Mary Mullan
Mary M. Mullan
Koe Murphy
Board of Directors Rev. John Rabb
Right. Rev. John L. Rabb
Board of Directors Sonny Richardson
Sonny Richardson
Lorraine Schapiro
Sherri Zaslow
Board of Directors No Photo
Douglas Huether

Director Emeritus

Board of Directors Dr. John Chessare
John B. Chessare, M.D.

Director Emeritus

Executive Management Catherine Y. Hamel
Catherine Y. Hamel

President, Gilchrist, Ex Officio

We also invite you to view information on Gilchrist’s executive management team.

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