Elder Medical Care and Coordinated Support

Gilchrist’s Elder Medical Care program is for individuals who have trouble getting to office appointments with multiple specialists, and no one to coordinate or guide overall care. Gilchrist has a team of experts focused on helping these individuals.

What Is Elder Medical Care?

Older people living with serious illness often find themselves in an unending cycle of health crises. For instance, they may go from home to the hospital to rehabilitation and back home again. This can be scary for both patients and their family members. Gilchrist’s team of physicians, nurse practitioners and social workers are experts in providing coordinated geriatric care and guidance to improve quality of life. As a result, we help ensure that those who would otherwise fall through the cracks of the health care system receive the care and attention they need when and where they need it.

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This program addresses the needs of people who find it difficult to travel to office appointments with multiple specialists. These seniors often feel they have no choice but to go to the ER. This is not only costly, but also leaves them without anyone managing their symptoms between visits or overseeing their overall care. Gilchrist can assist by helping seniors remain in their home or residence. We provide comprehensive, coordinated medical care that is overseen by a physician, with regular visits by a nurse practitioner.

Other Resources

Patients appreciate being able to call a nurse any time, day or night. They can ask questions or talk about a medical concern. As a result, patients feel reassured.

Social workers and resource coordinators can provide ongoing emotional support and resources to patients and families facing a serious illness. In addition, they help families who need guidance and help with coping and planning for the future.

Team members can also assist in advance care planning, such as completing advance directives and deciding on care options.

Next Steps

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How Can Gilchrist Help?

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