Elder Medical Care Frequently Asked Questions

When you or a loved one has a serious illness, you may have many needs and questions about how Elder Medical Care can help. Below are the answers to Elder Medical Care frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, our care navigators can help and can be reached at 888.823.8880. 

Elder Medical Care Frequently Asked Questions

How can Elder Medical Care help?

If you have a serious illness and are homebound, Elder Medical Care brings primary medical care to you—at your home or residential community center. In addition to medical care, we can provide emotional, social and volunteer support, if needed.

Can I still see my specialist physicians?


What does the nurse practitioner do? How often do they visit?

Our nurse practitioners will conduct an initial assessment and then develop your plan of care. The frequency of visits will depend on your clinical needs.

Do you provide in-home caregiver services?

Our service does not provide aides that perform caregiver functions, but we can work in conjunction with another service that does, and we can assist in connecting you to those other services.

How can I pay for care?

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurers offer coverage for Elder Medical Care. Copays apply. Case management and volunteer care is provided at no cost to you. Those services are fully funded through community donations and support.

Can I still receive Medicare home health services while under Elder Medical Care?

Yes. Elder Medical Care and Medicare home health services are billed separately. You can receive support from both services at the same time.

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Is Elder Medical Care Right for You?

Our care navigators can answer your questions and connect you with the right Gilchrist service.