Is Elder Medical Care Right For You?

Gilchrist’s Elder Medical Care program is for homebound individuals with serious illness who need coordinated care and guidance.

The program recently updated admission criteria which is outlined below:

  • Must be 55+ 
  • Must have either three plus advanced illness or diagnosis of dementia with one additional advanced illness. 
  • Must be homebound. 
  • Needs assistance with two or more ADL’s. 
  • Must be in geographic area. 
  • Must have accepted insurance by program (single case agreements and/or charity can be reviewed on a case by case basis) 
  • Patient is willing to give up their primary care provider or the Elder Medical Care provider can provide service on an interim basis while they are on service with the program, with the plan of returning the patient to the care of the Primary Care Provider should they transition off of service. 

Where Is Elder Medical Care Provided?

Gilchrist’s Elder Medical Care program can provide specialized care coordination and management for seniors living with progressive, advanced illnesses.

Home Care

If you are homebound, we bring primary care and social work support to you. We also help connect you with community resources to meet your needs.


We provide a comprehensive health assessment, usually conducted over one to three visits in the office, and develop a plan of care tailored to your needs.

Residential Community Care

Our physicians and nurse practitioners can provide medical care to complement the services you already receive at your independent or assisted living, long-term care or skilled nursing facility.

Palliative Care

Gilchrist Palliative Care (Advanced Care Management) services are offered at several hospital and healthcare systems. Learn more about where Gilchrist provides Palliative Care and how Palliative Care can help.


After a hospital stay, you may need rehabilitation and assistance to prepare you for return to home and an independent lifestyle. Our Elder Medical Care – Rehabilitation service is provided at GBMC.

Integrative Medicine

Gilchrist’s Integrative Medicine program is available to patients receiving cancer treatment at GBMC. It is a specialty focused on caring for the whole person (body, mind and spirit), using both conventional and complementary treatments.

Learn More About Our Specialized Coordinated Care

If you are interested in learning more about Gilchrist’s Elder Medical Care program, we invite you to read The Gilchrist Blog.

Elder Medical Care - Gilchrist

Is Elder Medical Care Right for You?

Our care navigators can answer your questions and connect you with the right Gilchrist service.