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And ever since her father passed away, the butterflies keep showing up in her life. “When I come home from a hard day of work and want to be with my father, butterflies ultimately show up,” she said.

“It’s like dad went from human form to butterfly form.”

Dee Domingos

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Stories Shared on Social Media

Here are just a few of the patient stories that we have been able to recently tell on social media

Pastor Earlene Henderson, a Gilchrist volunteer had a memorable moment with a patient and her family after they invited her over for a Mother’s Day dinner.
Thanks to the coordination from one of our fabulous social workers, Ashley from our RCC pine team, Gilchrist RCC Patient, Michael Yonko received a surprise visit from one notable bird – the Oriole Bird.
These fashionably styled bears were made in memory of two moms, Dorothy “Dottie” Rahman and Barbara Major, for Suzanne Smallwood, her daughter, and Woody Major.
Our veterans are true heroes and today we are pleased to honor Charles Robinson. Charles served six years in the United States Marine Corps enlisting at age 17 and leaving the Marines as a Corporal. 

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