Employees Awarded Art of Nursing Honors

The Art of Nursing Program recognizes nursing staff throughout the GBMC Healthcare System who exemplify and embody the fundamental elements of the art of nursing in seven categories: diversity in nursing, clinical assistant support award, nurse clinician of the year, nursing evidence-based practice award, Mrs. H. Norman Baetjer, Jr. nursing graduate of the year, patient-and-family-centered care award, and nurse leader award.

2021 Art of Nursing Winner

Congratulations to Tracy Hickman, CHPLN, who won the 2021 Art of Nursing Award in the category of Nurse Clinician of the Year. Tracy was presented the award at the annual GBMC Art of Nursing event, held last week at Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre in Middle River. Attendees were decked out in 1950’s attire, which included poodle skirts, letterman’s jackets, t-shirts, and pedal pushers. 

All 2021 Gilchrist Nominees:

Clinical Assistant Support Award – Outpatient
Jeffrey Alvarez, GNA
Joo Kim, MA
Kristin McDermott, GNA

Patient and Family-Centered Care Award
Sharon Augustine, CRNP
Tracy Hickman, CHPLN
Veronica McDaniels, LPN
Beverly Trimper, RN, CHPN

Nurse Leader Award
Monique Gaerlan, BSN, RN*
Tracie Schwoyer-Morgan, NP*
Katherina Violette, MSN, RN*

Nurse Clinician of the Year
Catherine Cox, BSN, RN
Susanne Gibbons, PhD, CRNP
Gilchrist Center Towson
Tracy Hickman, CHPLN*
Andrea Katz, BSN, RN, CHPN
Christine Schackert, MSN, CRNP
Amanda Taylor, BSN, RN

*Denotes more than one nomination.

Gilchrist’s 2020 Art of Nursing Winner

Gilchrist's 2020 Art of Nursing Winner

Congratulations to all Gilchrist’s 2020 Nominees:

  • Jeffrey Alvarez
  • Shanelle Smith
  • Lori Cochran
  • Holly Fowler
  • Catherine Mauriello
  • Michele Sullivan
  • Kimberly Schonfeld
  • Tanisha Goins

Nurse Leader Award
Catherine Mauriello, MS, ANP- BC, ACHPN, Integrative and Palliative Medicine

As a Gilchrist nurse practitioner on the Integrative and Palliative Medicine team, Cathy is the first to raise a hand to help, no matter what the care setting, no matter what the circumstances. She inspires the people around her—patients, families, colleagues—toward positive change just by being present.

Congratulations to Gilchrist’s 2019 Nominees

  • Jennifer Babcock, BSN, RN
  • Soosan Babu, RN
  • Maria Baxter, MSN, CRNP
  • Angela Buttiglieri, RN
  • Elizabeth Lane, BSN, RN
  • Katie Robbins, BSN, RN
  • Kimberly Ross, CNA
  • Susan Ryland, RN, CHPN
  • Kimberly Schonfeld, RN, CHPN
  • Angela Tutt, CNA
2019 Art of Nursing winner
Gilchrist’s 2019 Art of Nursing winner, Kimberly Ross, CNA (center) with GBMC President, Dr. John Chessare (left) and Joann Ioannou, Chief Nursing Officer (right)
2018 Gilchrist Art of Nursing winners

Congratulations to our Gilchrist Center Baltimore team

Winners of the 2018 Diversity in Nursing Award!

Nurses and hospice aides nominated as a team in the Diversity in Nursing category:

Katherine Packett, RN, BSN, CCRN
Jennifer Babcock, BSN, RN
Patricia Bailey, RN
Nicole Brewer, RN
Renee Ennis, RN
Kimberly Jones, LPN
Ashley Jones, RN, BSN, MS, OCN, CPHN
Crystal Robinson, LPN
Nadia Suba-Novotny, LPN
Kierra Thomas, LPN
Harriett Yuan, LPN
Kristy McClean, RN
Ruth Cowles, RN
Domenica Hoffman, RN
Marsell Metts, LPN
Beth Ratrie, RN, MSN, CHPN

Mary Johnson, Hospice Aide, CHPNA
Elsa Flores, Hospice Aide
Janice Rochester, Hospice Aide
Jean Jagat, Hospice Aide
Charlene Davis, Hospice Aide
Angela Tutt, Hospice Aide
Kayla Walker, Hospice Aide
Quanshay Henderson, Hospice Aide
Rhonda Dixon, Hospice Aide, CHPNA
Crystal Parks, Hospice Aide, CHPNA
Eshoun Pollard, Hospice Aide
Nekia Miales, Hospice Aide
Kim Davis, Hospice Aide
Jackie Pinckney, Hospice Aide, CHPNA
Jasmine Braxton, Hospice Aide
Diamonte Nutt, Hospice Aide

We are proud to announce the following Gilchrist nominees for 2018:

Clinical Assistant Support Award

Kimberly Ross, CAN/GNA
Lisa Sutton, CNA
Kimberly Underdue, LPN
Maria Valencia Smith, CNA/GNA

Patient and Family-Centered Care Award

Erica Choy, BSN, RN
Lisa Lombardo, RN
Kelly Spangler, RN

Nurse Leader Award

Bonnie Speicher, BSN, RN, MHA
Mary Tiso, MS, RN, CNL, CHPPN

Nurse Clinician of the Year

Kimberly Underdue, LPN

Diversity in Nursing

Ashya Adolemaiu-Bey, RN
Christopher Carver, BA, MPH, RN

2018 Gilchrist Art of Nursing Nominees
2018 Art of Nursing nominees (top row, l to r) Ashya Adolemaiu-Bey, RN; Kimberly Underdue, LPN. Bottom row (l to r) Kimberly Ross, CNA/GNA; Mary Tiso, MS, RN, CNL, CHPPN. Not pictured: Lisa Sutton, CNA; Maria Valencia Smith, CNA/GNA; Erica Choy, BSN, RN; Lisa Lombardo, RN; Kelly Spangler, RN; Bonnie Speicher, BSN, RN, MHA; Christopher Carver, BA, MPH, RN.
2018 Gilchrist Art of Nursing Nominees
Gilchrist Center Baltimore nurses and hospice aids were nominated as a team for the 2018 Art of Nursing awards. Pictured here (l to r): Back row: Crystal Robinson, LPN; Beth Ratrie, Kim Jones, LPN; Ruth Cowles, RN; Diamonte Nutt, Hospice Aide. Front row: Kayla Walker, Hospice Aide; Renee Ennis, RN; Jen Babcock, BSN, RN; Kristy McClean, RN; Katie Packett, RN, BSN, CCRN.
Not pictured: Patricia Bailey, RN; Nicole Brewer, RN; Ashley Jones, RN, BSN, MS, OCN, CPHN; Nadia Suba-Novotny, LPN; Kierra Thomas, LPN; Harriett Yuan, LPN; Domenica Hoffman, RN; Marsell Metts, LPN; Beth Ratrie, RN, MSN, CHPN; Mary Johnson, Hospice Aide, CHPNA; Elsa Flores, Hospice Aide; Janice Rochester, Hospice Aide; Jean Jagat, Hospice Aide; Charlene Davis, Hospice Aide; Angela Tutt, Hospice Aide; Quanshay Henderson, Hospice Aide; Rhonda Dixon, Hospice Aide, CHPNA; Crystal Parks, Hospice Aide, CHPNA; Eshoun Pollard, Hospice Aide; Nekia Miales, Hospice Aide; Kim Davis, Hospice Aide; Jackie Pinckney, Hospice Aide, CHPNA; Jasmine Braxton, Hospice Aide

To learn more about the awards, visit GBMC’s website.