Counseling & Support Resources

If you are seeking more information about grief and loss, please view these additional Counseling and Support resources.

Gilchrist Support Groups and Workshops

Our support groups and workshops are available to help individuals move through their grief, whether with a six-week group with those who share a similar loss or at a special remembrance event, our dedicated counselors are available to help in many ways. Visit the support group page for more information.

Gilchrist Grief Publications, Articles and Other Counseling and Support Resources

Please find links to other grief resources published by Gilchrist below. We have listed booklets, blogs related to grief and articles in recent newsletters.

Grief’s Journey
Grief’s Journey for Children and Teens
How to Cope with Grief During the Holidays
Grieving Together
Navigating Grief During Winter
Grief in a Time of Change
Tending the Spiritual Needs of Patients with Dementia
What I Learned as a Grief Counseling Intern at Gilchrist
Helping People Heal After a Loss
Comfort and Encouragement for Grieving Mothers
In Times of Tragedy or Loss, Gilchrist Offers Counseling and Support
The Journey Continues: Grief in the Second Year
Celebrating Our Loved Ones
The Gilchrist Blog

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