Care Counseling Provides Answers

Gilchrist’s Care Counseling is provided by our knowledgeable care navigators, who are, above all, here to provide you answers. Due to their extensive training, they are available to listen to your needs and discuss your options for care when you are unsure where to start. Our care navigators will guide you to the services that are best for your loved one, whether within Gilchrist or in the community.

What Is Gilchrist Care Counseling?

Not only does our Care Counseling team understand that navigating care options for a serious illness can be stressful, overwhelming and confusing, but they also understand you will have many questions. They are here to answer your questions about care for a loved one even if they are not ready for hospice. Furthermore, anyone can call – the patient, family members, friends or physicians.

In fact, whether it takes only a few minutes or an hour, our care navigators will patiently listen to your needs. Then, they will provide answers to your questions and connect you to the right services and resources within Gilchrist and in the community. 

Gilchrist’s Care Counseling Team

When you call, the care navigator will:

  • Listen to your questions and also your concerns
  • Ask questions about your current care and then help you determine your needs
  • Discuss your care options and assist you in deciding on the right services for you and your family
  • Immediately schedule an appointment with the appropriate Gilchrist services
  • Link you to resources both within Gilchrist and the community

Call 888.823.8880 to speak with one of our care navigators now. 

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New to Gilchrist?

Our care navigators can direct you to the Gilchrist services that are right for you.