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Grief Support Groups and Workshops

Gilchrist offers grief support groups to help grieving families (including children and friends), as well as anyone in the community grieving a loss. These groups encourage mutual support and understanding by providing an environment where participants can discuss topics related to grief, explore their feelings and learn coping strategies.

Grief Counseling and Resources

Although it is common for people to want to find their own way through grief, help and support can make a remarkable difference. Experiencing the death of a loved one can overwhelm our ability to cope.  It is a sign of strength to ask for help. Through counseling, people gain coping strategies and learn methods to help them move through the grief experience.   

grief support groups for menIt can be difficult to hear other people’s stories when newly grieving, so we encourage you to consider first participating in individual counseling or to wait a few months after your loss to participate in a support group. Most support groups are offered both during the day and evening, and there is no fee to attend. However, registration is required.

Sample of Support Programs

  • Loss of a Spouse or Life Partner
  • Remembering Our Parents
  • Mothers’ Support Group: For Mothers Who Have Lost Adult Children
  • Men’s Support Group: For Men Grieving the Loss of a Spouse or Life Partner
  • The Journey Continues: Grief Support in the Second Year
  • Hope for the Holidays: Workshops offering strategies for coping with holidays
  • Keeping Memories Alive – Create a Keepsake
  • Finding Life After Loss
  • Writing for Healing

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