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January 24, 2020, Counseling & Support, Gilchrist, Grief

Gilchrist offers extensive grief support services to those grieving a loss. In addition to one-on-one counseling sessions, we offer grief support groups, workshops and remembrance events. Below is an overview of our offerings. All programs are held in one of our office locations (unless otherwise noted): Hunt Valley, Howard County, Towson and GBMC. Registration is required. Most programs are offered at no cost with an option for a suggested donation to the Grief Services Program.

Grief Support Groups

Gilchrist’s grief support groups encourage mutual support and understanding by providing an environment where participants can discuss topics related to grief, explore their feelings and learn coping strategies. It can be difficult to hear other people’s stories when newly grieving, so we encourage you to consider first participating in individual counseling or to wait a few months after your loss to participate in a support group. The groups are available to anyone in the community grieving a loss. Groups meet for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted.

Remembering Our Parents
For adults who have lost parents. Explore feelings of loss, changing status and changing relationships. Participants will gain survival skills and tools for coping with grief while engaging in a safe and respectful group.

Loss of Spouse/Life Partner
For people who have lost a spouse or life partner within the last year. Explore what grief feels like, what to expect over time and grief coping skills. This is a safe space to talk about your experience and gain insight from others.

Finding Light, New Meaning and Purpose
For adults who lost a spouse or significant other at least one year ago. Weekly discussions include strategies to identify your authentic self and find new purpose, joy and fulfillment while grief still plays a major role in your life.

Loss of Parent for Young Adult
For people ages 20–35 grieving the loss of a parent. The group meets first and third Mondays for three consecutive months. This is a safe place to talk about feelings of loss and gain perspective from others’ experiences. Incorporates creative work and mindfulness.

Mothers’ Grief Group
Monthly meeting for moms who have experienced the death of an adult child. An open format to share one’s grief and gain insight on how to best manage the challenges unique to the grieving mom.

Chair Yoga and Grief
For anyone experiencing grief from a recent loss. No yoga experience required. Learn simple techniques to support the grief process.

The Journey Continues: Grief Support in the Second Year
Monthly meeting for those moving out of the first year of grief. This group explores the “new normal” for any type of loss. Opportunities to discuss new challenges, roles and relationships.

Substance Loss Grief Group
Monthly meeting that provides a safe space while exploring grief when a loved one’s death was related to substance use.

Men’s Support Group
Monthly meeting for men who have experienced the death of a significant other/spouse/partner. Provides fellowship and conversation while focusing on navigating the months ahead.

Common Ground: Finding Support in Grief
Monthly meeting for those who need additional understanding and support in grief.

Grief Workshops (one-time meeting)

Breathing Through Grief
Develop an awareness of how grief affects our bodies. Learn simple breathing practices that can offer relief.

Grief’s Journey: Day-Long Retreat
A mindful day of rest and reflection. Includes talking about the experience of grief and finding the path to healing. The day offers fellowship, discussion and practice of self-care techniques. Lunch is provided.

Festival of Trees
Join us in a relaxed atmosphere to create decorations for a special tree we donate to Kennedy Krieger’s annual “Festival of Trees.” Each year, we choose a theme to guide our ornament decorations (last year’s theme was ‘Elephants Always Remember’). What a unique way to honor your loved one and give back to the community!

Pop-Up Workshops:
Stay tuned for more information on these pop-up workshops: “Walking through grief,” “Grieving and Art,” “Grieving Dads,” and “Sibling Loss.”

Bereavement Special Events

Whether you have lost a spouse, close friend, parent, child or grandparent, we offer a number of events to help you celebrate and grieve for your loved one. Registration is required for all special events.

Steps of Hope: A Tribute Walk

A springtime gathering at Cromwell Valley Park for those grieving the death of a loved one. In a supportive community event, you will find this a unique way to honor and remember loved ones. Join Gilchrist as we walk together in mindful remembrance—music and a butterfly release will complement our time together.

Honoring the Women in Our Lives

March is Women’s History Month—highlighting the contributions of women to important events in history and contemporary society. Please join us for an afternoon of remembering those women who have made an impact in your life.

18th Annual Wellness Day

A day of meaningful workshops designed to support self-care and an understanding of the grief process.

To learn more about grief programs, dates and to register call Gilchrist Counseling & Support at 443.849.8251. Or visit our grief support group and main event pages.

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