Gilchrist Celebrates Nursing Assistants Week

June 12, 2020, Gilchrist

June 18 to 25 is National Nursing Assistants Week — a time to celebrate the unique contributions of hospice aides and other nursing assistants across the country. Read and watch this special message from Gilchrist leaders to our hospice aides and nursing assistants:

To all of our aides and assistants at Gilchrist, thank you for all you do.

Your role is a crucial component of the care we provide for patients and families. You take on some of the most challenging tasks without complaint. You possess a wide repertoire of skills, from providing hands-on everyday care to developing warm connections with our patient and families. You create a caring and safe environment, and our families know they can count on you to always be there to support them.

You are kindness in action, offering cherished companionship while soothing the worries of loved ones. You bring calm, comfort and reassurance during a time of fear and uncertainty. You help people maintain dignity when they are at their most vulnerable.

You are the eyes and ears of our teams. You are often the first to notice a concern that needs addressing. The vital information you pass along to the hospice team helps create the optimal care plan for patients.

We appreciate you… for your hard work, selfless sacrifice, and tireless dedication. For your compassionate care and reassuring presence. And for dedicating your career to the well-being of others.

We are so grateful to you, today and all year long. We could not do what we do without you.

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