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October 5, 2018, Elder Medical Care, Gilchrist

A Patient in Need

elder medical care
Marlene Pierce, Program Manager for Gilchrist’s Elder Medical Care Home Services

It was a hot summer day when Gilchrist nurse practitioner Jessica Trizna arrived at the home of her patient, who was being seen for an initial visit for Elder Medical Care. His lung disease was making it difficult for him to get to his doctor’s office, so she brought health care to him. Within moments Jessica knew the patient was in trouble—he lived alone, was struggling to breathe, and was afraid. He declined to go to the hospital, stating he was “tired of fighting.”

Having reviewed his medical records prior to her visit, Jessica performed an assessment of the patient, and they had a courageous conversation. Jessica knew her last compassionate act for this patient was to honor his wishes. In record time, Jessica arranged to have the patient transported to Gilchrist Center Howard County, where his symptoms could be managed and he could spend his last days enjoying time with his loved ones.

This is just one example of the work of Gilchrist’s compassionate Elder Medical Care at Home team. This specialized team is comprised of nurse practitioners, social workers, community resource specialists, volunteers and a dedicated administrative staff serving homebound patients suffering from progressive, advanced illnesses.

Services Provided in the Home

Our nurse practitioners provide consistent, personalized medical care to patients in their home. These visits prevent unnecessary hospital visits and ensure patients receive the care and attention they need, when and where they need it. Additional home services can include skilled nursing, physical and occupational therapy, blood draws and imaging, all provided in the comfort of patients’ homes when there is a medical indication for these services.

Emotional Support and Guidance

Our social workers and community resource staff provide emotional support, guidance on advance care planning and personalized navigation of community programs that can improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

Peace of Mind

elder medical care
Gilchrist nurse practitioner, Jessica Trizna, CRNP visits with Elder Medical Care Home Services patient Naomi Naper.

With no limit to the amount of time a patient may be enrolled in Elder Medical Care at Home, should the need for hospice arise in the future, the transition is seamless, and the nurse practitioner can continue to manage the patient’s care if that is their wish.

To find out if Elder Medical Care is right for you or a loved one, call our care navigators at 1.888.823.8880 or visit our website at

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