How Can Hospice Help You?

Many people wonder how hospice can help their loved one. Most importantly, hospice focuses on enhancing the quality of life for people with serious illness. Gilchrist offers an expert hospice team. This team includes doctors, nurses, social workers, aides, spiritual care, volunteers and grief counselors. Moreover, Gilchrist is here to answer questions and provide support to caregivers and loved ones. You will not go through this alone.

Hospice Has Many Benefits

Gilchrist provides thorough, high-quality medical care. In addition, that care is delivered with kindness. Our skilled medical staff help with medications, activities of daily living, and ensuring the patient is pain-free. Moreover, there is a focus not only on the patient but on providing support to the family as well. 

How can hospice help you or your loved one? Here are several ways:

  • Hospice focuses on controlling pain and other symptoms and improving the quality of life.
  • Well-designed care plans. Studies show that hospice reduces the number of times someone has to go to the hospital.
  • The patient and family have access to health care experts 24 hours a day. There is always someone on call. 
  • Education about disease advancement, caring for your loved one and the dying process. It is a time when families have many questions, and Gilchrist provides clear information to make informed decisions.  
  • Patients maintain dignity and have a voice in care and treatment options.
  • Medications, medical supplies and equipment are delivered to the home.
  • Hands-on personal care and hygiene from hospice aides.
  • Physical, emotional, social and spiritual support.
  • Help with benefits, navigating the health care system and decision making.
  • Possible respite care to give a family caregiver a break.
  • Volunteer support.
  • Extensive grief support for families prior to death, and also after death.

Not Ready for Hospice?

Gilchrist offers a wide range of services to help at any stage of illness. Our care navigators will listen to your needs and connect you to the services that are right for you.