The New Gilchrist: More Than Hospice

October 12, 2017, Counseling & Support, Elder Medical Care, Gilchrist, Hospice

More Than Hospice

If you’re like most people, when you think of Gilchrist, you probably think of hospice care. But Gilchrist is so much more than hospice. We offer elder medical care, counseling and support at every stage of serious illness—even if the need for hospice is years away.

Communicating All that Gilchrist Offers

To better communicate the wide range of services we offer, Gilchrist is launching a new branding and advertising campaign. While hospice will always be a large part of what we do, we want people to understand all that we do, so they can get help earlier for their serious illness.

Today’s Gilchrist extends services to individuals with serious illness who need our care and support well in advance of hospice care. And we provide counseling and support before and after the loss of a loved one.

Why Gilchrist is Rebranding

At no time in history is our work more needed than now. As medicine continues to advance, people are living longer. And as the population ages, more and more people are struggling to cope with a serious illness or caring for an aging parent. We want people to know that Gilchrist is here to meet their needs, whether guiding them through their treatment options, providing medical care at their home or residential care community or helping them navigate the health care system.

Services for Every Stage of Serious Illness

As part of Gilchrist’s branding campaign, we have reorganized our programs into three main service lines: Counseling & Support, Elder Medical Care and Hospice Care. By clearly defining our services under this continuum of care, we will more effectively communicate the breadth of services we offer to those with serious illness—through every stage—so they may live life to the fullest.

Even Before Hospice, There’s Gilchrist

We are also launching new tv, radio and print ads, featuring the theme, “Even before hospice, there’s Gilchrist.” In addition to launching ads, Gilchrist now features a new look and feel to our communications: we have a new logo, newly branded marketing materials and a redesigned website.

What’s Not Changing

Though Gilchrist is undergoing many changes, one thing will remain the same: we will continue providing compassionate care and support to thousands of individuals and families throughout Central Maryland, whether the care is provided at home, at a residential care community or at one of Gilchrist’s three inpatient centers in Towson, Howard County and Baltimore.

We invite you to learn more about the new Gilchrist by visiting our new website.

Thank you for being a friend to Gilchrist.

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