Person and Family Advisory Council Helps Gilchrist Continuously Improve

June 25, 2021, Gilchrist
Jennifer Avery, Gilchrist Quality Outcome Manager
Jennifer Avery, Gilchrist Quality Outcome Manager

Gilchrist is committed to listening to feedback from those we serve to continuously improve our care and services. One of the ways we do that is by engaging with families and other stakeholders through our Person and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Gilchrist’s Person and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a group of individuals who have experienced Gilchrist’s services, as well as Gilchrist volunteers and staff. The council provides valuable insight that we use to deliver the most thoughtful, efficient and effective care to our patients and families.

What is the goal of the Person and Family Advisory Council?

The Gilchrist PFAC is a recurring forum that fosters frank and meaningful discussion among its members and our organizational leaders, with the goal of optimizing the family experience. Person Family Advisors (PFAs), who represent the collective voice of the individuals and families we serve, collaborate with Gilchrist to achieve our goal of providing high-quality care that aligns with each person’s preferences and needs.

Who is on the council?

PFAC members may have had a hospice experience with Gilchrist or may be a community partner, such as a medical equipment supplier. They may be a volunteer, a Quality Board member or another key stakeholder. Participants must be willing to support Gilchrist improvements by sharing personal experiences, opinions and ideas in a constructive way to effectively improve the Gilchrist care experience. They must also be willing to commit to a two-year term and meet six times a year.

What have we learned from this effort?

Since the first Gilchrist PFAC meeting in October 2018, members have shared their experiences with Gilchrist leaders while Gilchrist has asked for feedback on protocols and practices. In the past year, the council reviewed Gilchrist’s COVID operations and “the beginning of our telehealth journey.” The group also provided recommendations and feedback on CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Quality Improvement initiatives, including Emotional and Spiritual Support, Help with Symptoms/Hospice Care Training, and Communications/Timely Care.

Gilchrist is grateful to those who have joined our PFAC to help us continually improve and deliver high-quality patient- and family-centered care. We are looking forward to many more informative and valuable sessions with the council.

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