Gilchrist Kids: Age is Just a Number

February 8, 2019, Gilchrist, Gilchrist Kids, Hospice
age is just a number
Erin Bull, Gilchrist Kids nurse

“So, you must LOVE kids, right?” This is a common question I hear when describing my work as a Gilchrist Kids pediatric and perinatal hospice professional.

But often, our work is done with families. Not much different than the work of our adult Gilchrist hospice counterparts. Yes, there are aspects of care that are specific to children, but a lot of the support we give is to the caregivers and family members, who are all ages, as well.

Gilchrist Kids hospice professionals possess a broad skill set. They must be comfortable caring for patients that range in age from newborn all the way to mid-30s, and knowledgeable about multiple illnesses and their progressions.

Many wonder why a patient in their late 20s or early 30s would be considered pediatric. Gilchrist looks at each patient and their family structure when determining their specific care plan. There are many chronically ill young adults who are still being cared for by their parents, in their parent’s home. Many of these patients, due to the complex nature of their illness and the fact that they’ve been sick most of their lives, feel more comfortable with their parents making their medical decisions for them—even if they are old enough to make their own medical decisions. Some of these chronically ill young adults live in a home with siblings as well. Gilchrist Kids is often the perfect fit for patients and families who are in this medically complex situation.

Our Gilchrist Kids team has traveled this journey with “kids” of all ages. Families can be confident that not only do we excel in treating young people but that our true passion lies in caring for families.

About Gilchrist Kids:

Gilchrist Kids provides compassionate and comprehensive end-of-life care for infants, children and young adults with life-limiting illnesses, as well as perinatal support for parents to-be who have learned that their unborn child may have an incurable illness. Gilchrist was the first hospice in Central Maryland to offer pediatric hospice care, and is an expert in the field. We provide care at home or at Gilchrist Center Baltimore’s pediatric inpatient unit, the only one of its kind in Maryland.

Learn more about Gilchrist Kids, here.

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