A New Year of Hope in Tanzania

January 15, 2021, Tanzania

In 2020, we in the United States faced unimaginable challenges wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. Yet in the midst of our own crisis, the generosity of Gilchrist’s staff, volunteers and community shone through. While supporting our own community, we still looked beyond our own concerns and continued to sustain Gilchrist’s hospice partner in Tanzania. Our support gave hope in Tanzania and allowed them to provide medical care, medication, food, emotional support and spiritual care to patients in the villages of northern Tanzania.

Deeply grateful for our continued support in the midst of our own challenges.

Dr. Mmbando, Tanzania

“As we reflect on the end of 2020 and look toward 2021. We have so many stories to tell. The most important one is how 2020 brought to life the true meaning of partnership and friendship while the world was going through one of the most challenging times in history. Thank you for choosing to remain a true friend and partner to us!

We remain grateful for your good work, the sacrifices you make, your dedication, commitment, and the love and service to our people which has provided comfort to thousands in Tanzania.

May this New Year bring hope and light to your work and to your lives.”

Dr. Paul Mmbando, Director of Health and Diakonia Department, ELCT Tanzania

Moved by our caring and compassion.

New Year Hope in Tanzania

“We are deeply grateful for your continued support for our hospice program at Nkoaranga. Through the support from Gilchrist, Hospice Care we have been able to reach more than 1,800 patients in the community and their families, to relieve their pain and other symptoms so that they could die in peace and dignity. We continue to pray for you as you cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Be blessed.”

Asifiwe Nnko, Nurse Manager, Nkoaranga Palliative Care, Tanzania

Your support helped children like Daniel.

New Year Hope in Tanzania
Daniel and family wearing shoes donated by Gilchrist employees

When their father abandoned the family, 8-year-old Davis, 6-year-old Daniel and 4-year-old Deo were left destitute. Their mother fell into prostitution, contracted HIV/AIDS and was hospitalized. The children lived alone in a shack made of wood and cloth. Daniel was abused sexually by a relative. The children were not enrolled in school and went without food. The hospice team stepped in to provide medication for their mother, food for the family and shoes that Gilchrist and GBMC employees sent. Their mother is now healthy and the Nkoaranga social worker helped the boys enter a boarding school, where they now receive food and an education.

Your support can help many more.

Show your support by making a donation or request a catalog to purchase crafts, proceeds will benefit our hospice partner in Tanzania. You can also join our email list.

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