Baltimore City Pipe Band Surprises Patient Who Founded Their Band 55 Years Ago

September 17, 2021, Hospice Patient Stories
Baltimore City Pipe Band

For Gilchrist volunteer coordinator Lindsay Ellis, a favorite part of her job is arranging memorable experiences for patients that bring them joy. So when a nurse shared that one of her patients loved bagpipes, Lindsay made it her mission to find bagpipers to perform a special tribute for him.  

The Baltimore City Pipe Band answered the call and arrived at Oakcrest donned in Scottish kilts and plaid to play for hospice patient Jim Quigg. In a delightful twist of fate, it turned out that Jim was the band’s original founder and first Pipe Major 55 years ago.  

The musicians were visibly honored to play for Jim, who taught the band the music they now play. They hadn’t seen Jim in many years, and they were thrilled to reunite with the man who started it all.

As the bagpipes’ solemn melody filled the room, Jim watched his former band intently and appeared to be humming along—perhaps momentarily transported back to his youth. “To see his reaction to the music was really special,” said Lindsay, who attended the performance along with other Gilchrist team members and Jim’s guests. “When he started singing, everyone kind of lost it.”

Baltimore City Pipe Band Performing Live August 8, 2021

Experiences like these remind Lindsay of the importance of helping patients cherish every moment. “I love to find what is special for someone and embrace that,” she says. “You never know what bringing that back into a person’s environment can do for them.”

Of course, not all of Lindsay’s work involves creating special memories like these. Often, she is pairing volunteers with patients and families to offer everyday companionship and connection. Some patients are living alone, so these relationships can make an enormous difference. Through visits, calls, meal delivery or whatever else might enrich patients’ lives, Lindsay and her team of volunteers are ready to serve.

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4 thoughts on “Baltimore City Pipe Band Surprises Patient Who Founded Their Band 55 Years Ago

  1. Greg Cantori says:

    Just found this and what a wonderful tribute to an amazing man. Many many fond memories of learning from him while being hosted by his mom Gracie and doing chores around their home too!

  2. Della Scott says:

    Jim was my husbands cousin. And played at my husbands funeral. We have lost touch, and every now and then I would call Oak crest to see how he was doing. He did a lot for us when we came here to Baltimore, and remember going to his house when he had practice. Earlier on I use to go over and visit with him and Gracie. He was such a good person, and could be so funny. So talented. Will miss him and the memories, Sam McGee he use to quote so well.

  3. Tony Millar Jr says:

    hello… my name is tony millar jr, my dad tony “scottie” millar was a lead snare drummer for the original baltimore city pipe band that was founded by jim quigg. i have many memories of the band as a boy as i attended most all events. even marched in my kilt with the band in salisbury maryland in the late 60s early 70s. jim quigg was also my science teacher at mervo tech in 1979. sad to say my dad just passed away in july of 2022, very proud of my scottish heritage, my dad was born and raised in scotland and came here when he was 14 along with the family. thank you for the memories and making this tribute to mr quigg public, and thank you to the band for the performance here and keeping the scottish heritage strong and proud. God Bless

  4. Anne Marie Quigg says:

    Awe my word just came across this. This is my uncle Jim, and me (Anne Marie) and my sister Grace, were surrounded by the pipes, my dad John uncle Jim’s brother played in Leicester city pipe band. I met loads of the band members when I came over for a visit from Scotland when I was 17 . Their pipes was the great love of their life, beautiful to see the video, a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

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