Celebrating 10-Years of Gilchrist’s Music Therapy Program

September 26, 2022, Music Therapy

Celebrating 10-Years of Gilchrist’s Music Therapy Program

Reflections about Gilchrist Celebrating 10-Years of our Music Therapy Program from Lacy Kidwell, MA, LPMT, MT-BC, Music Therapist/Clinical Training Director

I am so proud to be the first music therapist hired by Gilchrist, 10 years ago.  I couldn’t have imagined what this journey would be and am so grateful to all those who have welcomed music therapy as part of their end-of-life care.  I am especially proud that with just 3 full-time music therapists and a robust training program,  we can say that we provide care to EVERYONE, wherever they happen to call home.  We are so very fortunate that every day, as music therapists, we get to use music to bring comfort and joy. 

I’m often asked to think of ways to “capture” the work of a Gilchrist music therapist.  And after 10 years, the best way to honor this work and reflect on its success is when someone says, “you played and sang for us a few years ago, as my father was dying, and now, we need you again.”  Or “my brother had music therapy when he was on hospice, we want the same music therapist, now that our mother is a patient.”  It is truly an honor, that,  year later, the music therapy visit is what is being remembered and requested.

There’s a popular song (which our team has performed over the years) called, “Seasons of Love.”  The song’s lyrics try to capture one’s journey on this earth by quantifying time and asks, how do you measure a life?  In trying to quantify our work over the last 10 years…songs learned, miles driven, funerals performed, visits completed, funds raised, students supervised, progress documented, and oh yeah, “cups of coffee.”  At the end of the song, though, the composer suggests that instead of numbers, we “measure in love.”  So, happy 10-year anniversary to the Gilchrist Music Therapy program especially the “small but mighty” team who does this work every day.  We will continue to “measure in love.”

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating 10-Years of Gilchrist’s Music Therapy Program

  1. Karen Robinson says:

    I wish to speak with Lacy Kidwell or someone in a similar role. I’m the new manager of Volunteer Services for Medstar–Union Memorial and Good Samaritan. I seek information regarding your music, dog and art therapy programs.

    1. Alexis Cameron says:

      Hi Karen,

      You can reach out to Jane O’Hara, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator, at 443.849.8376 or

      and Congratulations on your new role.

  2. myra says:

    Music therapy made my mother very happy. Lacy was awesome. She sang
    in spanish to my mother and it bought a smile to her face each time.
    I will always be forever grateful for the happiness the music
    bought my mother.

  3. Jenn Sigmon says:

    Lacy was so good for my mother in law Mary she couldn’t wait fir Lacy to come . Always asking fir songs . she was always smiling during music therapy!! Here’s to 10 more thanks the Sigmon Family

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