Gilchrist Offers Help for Serious Illness at Every Stage

July 24, 2020, Gilchrist

The diagnosis of a serious illness for you or a loved one can bring fear and uncertainty. You may be unsure about your options for care or the best course of action. It is common to have many unanswered questions as you navigate through a confusing and fragmented health system. Gilchrist offers help. We are experts in care and support at every stage of serious illness.

Below is an overview of some of Gilchrist’s services and how they can help.

Note: During the pandemic, Gilchrist’s services are needed more than ever. Gilchrist is taking every caution to keep patients and families safe, including the use of personal protective equipment and telemedicine when appropriate. We follow the guidance and recommendations of the CDC, the state government and public health professionals.

Care Counseling

The best place to start is with Gilchrist’s Care Counseling. Our trained and knowledgeable care navigators can answer your questions and connect you to the right programs and resources for your situation–whether within Gilchrist or in the community. They will listen to your needs and discuss your care options. They can even schedule services for you directly with a Gilchrist program.

Elder Medical Care

Gilchrist’s Elder Medical Care program is for individuals with serious illness who do not need hospice but need care and support to help them remain in their home. This service is ideal for people who have trouble getting to medical appointments and need someone to oversee their overall care. Gilchrist has a team of experts focused on helping these individuals.

We provide comprehensive, coordinated medical care at home that is overseen by a physician, with regular visits by a nurse practitioner. In addition, social workers and resource coordinators can provide ongoing emotional support and resources to patients and their families.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care focuses on improving the quality of life for those with serious illness. Gilchrist’s palliative nurse practitioners can provide education about your illness and what to expect as the illness progresses. They will talk with you about your goals of care and explain treatment options. These experts also offer medical care and emotional support. Gilchrist provides Palliative Care in hospitals and long-term care centers. Services can be provided at any point in the course of an illness, from diagnosis onward.

Hospice Care

Gilchrist’s Hospice Care allows people to live their final months and days to the fullest, in the place that provides the most solace. Above all, our focus is on comfort and quality of life. Our team of professionals and volunteers provides support that addresses all needs—medical, emotional, social and spiritual. They provide hands-on personal care, pain and symptom management, medications, medical supplies and equipment. Care can be provided at home, in a residential care center or at one of our three inpatient centers in Towson, Howard County and Baltimore City.

Grief Counseling

Gilchrist’s grief counselors offer support both before and after a loss, through our Grief Counseling program. When a loved one is ill, you may grieve the loss of the life you had with them before the illness. And after a loved one dies, you may struggle with sadness, intense emotional pain, and even anger. To help people cope with feelings of loss, Gilchrist offers one-on-one grief counseling, support groups and bereavement events.

More Gilchrist Programs

Gilchrist offers many other programs and services for people with serious illness, including Music Therapy, We Honor Veterans, Integrative Medicine, Geriatric Consultations, Rehabilitation and Gilchrist Kids.

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