How Gilchrist’s Partnership with Tanzania Changes Lives

January 14, 2022, Tanzania

Gilchrist’s support in Tanzania has made all the difference for our partners.

Unimaginable Challenges

One year ago, Gilchrist’s Tanzania partners faced unimaginable challenges brought by the coronavirus, in the midst of which, Gilchrist staff, volunteers and the community came together to help. As we begin a new year, we reflect on the impact of our partnership and all that we have accomplished together.

Gilchrist’s support in Tanzania has made all the difference for our partners as they continue to stand on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through your generosity in 2021, our support allowed them to provide medical care, medication, PPE, COVID kits, food, school scholarships, emotional support and spiritual care to over 1,500 patients in the villages of northern Tanzania.

Asifiwe Nnko, Nurse Manager, Nkoaranga Palliative Care, Tanzania

“I am so thankful to have this opportunity to care for the patients with chronic illnesses who have given up and lost their smile. Through Gilchrist friends and our donors, I have been able to enhance the smile of the patients along with their dignity by relieving them from severe pain, psychosocial support and spiritual support.”

Asifiwe Nnko, Nurse Manager, Nkoaranga Palliative Care, Tanzania

Dr. Bathlomew Bakari, Team Lead, Nkoaranga Palliative Care, Tanzania

“For almost a decade now, I have been working with the Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital providing palliative care services for those in need, and through your support, I have seen many changes in the quality of life for many patients in Arusha. Patients are dying with dignity, free from pain and distressing symptoms, due to the availability of oral morphine and medications for pain and symptom control. This has been of great importance to our work, and it is all because of the heartfelt support we receive from you. We continue to face challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but your support has helped tremendously—and this for me, as a palliative care physician, is more than a blessing to have you as our partner, friends, brothers and sisters. May our Almighty God bless you all.”

—Dr. Bathlomew Bakari, Team Lead, Nkoaranga Palliative Care, Tanzania

Your support helps children like Maurine

Maurine is 10 years old and HIV-positive. After her mother died of HIV, Maureen was sent to live with her grandmother, who stopped her antiretroviral medication, did not provide her with proper nutrition and prevented her from attending the Kids Club. Maurine’s grandmother was misinformed about HIV. The Palliative Care team came to Maurine’s aid and gave her the proper treatment and nutrition so that her condition could be stabilized. Maurine’s grandmother received counseling, education and spiritual support from the Palliative Care team and now understands the importance of medication and services.

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This blog was written by: Caitlin Dailey, Global Partnership Manager – Tanzania

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