Patient Recognition Week

February 7, 2024, Gilchrist, Hospice Patient Stories

Patient Recognition Week

At Gilchrist, Patient Recognition Week is a time when we pause, reflect, and celebrate the heart and soul of our mission—our patients. This week amplifies our dedication to providing care that respects the dignity, goals, and wishes of our patients, celebrating their lives and legacies. In celebration of Patient Recognition Week, we are honored to spotlight Patricia McGill and Liz Loomis, both residents of Gilchrist Baltimore.

Patricia McGill received an aggressive cancer diagnosis in Charlotte, North Carolina, and chose hospice care over chemotherapy. Her decision to relocate to Maryland to be with her son and two granddaughters was motivated by the proximity of Gilchrist, as she reflects, “Gilchrist has a marvelous reputation.” Patricia shares that she has experienced a remarkable improvement in her overall health and quality of life since receiving care at Gilchrist.

Patricia’s life is a testament to resilience, faith, and the importance of family. She has built a fulfilling life in Maryland with her late husband, celebrating over fifty years together and welcoming a son and two granddaughters. Patricia’s six-year career in a Washington, D.C. trade association allowed her to travel and explore the timber-rich West Coast. She has two cherished hobbies: drawing and hiking, with the latter being a shared passion she enjoyed with her husband during their two-decade exploration of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.

At the heart of Patricia’s life is her faith, striving to impact others positively without ever being overbearing. Her philosophy of treating others as she would like to be treated has been a guiding light in her interactions. Reflecting on her life, Patricia’s humor and minimal regrets highlight her positive outlook. “She has done what she could,” is a phrase she thinks represents her life lived with intention, love, and a touch of grace.

Patricia shared a 2023 letter titled “The Last Day,” exploring the notion of “the last day on the fairgrounds,” representing the end of something enjoyable. She compares it to the circus giving away leftover food before leaving town. Patricia mentions her impending last day and her readiness for it, equating her life to a delightful circus that will eventually come to an end.

Liz Loomis’s life story is one of kindness, remarkable courage, and the enduring value of human connections. In 2013, Liz received a breast cancer diagnosis and experienced a five-year period of remission. Unfortunately, she is now confronting stage 4 cancer affecting both her breast and spleen, leading her to make the decision to seek care at Gilchrist.

For 35 years, Liz has been a cornerstone in a dental office, serving as a manager who not only oversees the daily operations but also builds lasting relationships with her patients and colleagues. Liz’s role as a mother to her 23-year-old daughter, who is currently pursuing a career in dental hygiene, is a testament to her influence and the values she has imparted. Her affection for her tabby cat, Marmalade, adds another layer to her nurturing personality, showcasing her love for all beings in her life. One aspect Liz values about Gilchrist is the allowance for Marmalade to visit her regularly, with a designated favorite chair in her room for him to relax during his visits.

A passionate lover of the beach, Liz finds solace and joy in the simple act of lying on the sand, letting the serene environment wash over her. Her favorite destination, West Palm Beach, Florida, embodies her dream of tranquility and relaxation. Liz’s other hobbies include indulging in game shows and keeping up with both baseball and football.

As Liz reflects on her legacy, her message is clear: the importance of rekindling old connections, fostering kindness, and finding happiness in life’s simple moments. She advocates for empathy, urging others to place themselves in another’s shoes and to approach each interaction with courtesy and understanding. Liz Loomis’s life is a powerful narrative of facing life’s trials with a positive outlook, the importance of close bonds, and the impact of small acts of kindness. Her legacy, rooted in the desire for a more connected and compassionate world, is a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

Patient Recognition Week at Gilchrist is not merely an observance; it’s a heartfelt reaffirmation of our pledge to honor life’s journey with grace, dignity, and profound respect. In the gentle care we provide and the sacred stories we share, we recognize the incredible strength and beauty of the human spirit.

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