Scentsy Buddies Donated to Gilchrist Kids Patients

July 17, 2019, Gilchrist, Gilchrist Kids, Hospice, Nurses

Samantha Burley has made a big impact on the lives of our Gilchrist Kids families in a very short time by having Scentsy Buddies donated to Gilchrist Kids. She started working for Gilchrist as a part-time pediatric hospice nurse in April at Gilchrist Center Baltimore. It was there that she met Max and his family. On her way to earning her doctorate to become a nurse practitioner, she’s done considerable research on how aromatherapy and ‘comfort items’ can help patients. She sees Scentsy Buddies as the best way to combine both worlds and she located a special edition super hero bear to give Max’s mom. Even though Max only lived for a short period of time, his mom told Samantha that she now sleeps with the bear every night. It was then that Samantha realized these are not only a therapeutic tool for patients, but a keepsake for families as well.

Turning Passion into Action

Samantha set a goal to have Scentsy Buddies donated to Gilchrist Kids for every child currently on service. With the help of a Scentsy retailer, her family and friends, she received 40 Scentsy Buddy donations. A sum well beyond her goal of 20.

With deliveries of the Scentsy Buddies underway, Samantha said, “It’s nice to give extra TLC to our kiddos. Especially when they are at Gilchrist Center Baltimore for respite care. They are not in the comfort of their own home and it can be hard. I hope by giving them a little gift the kids know how much we care.”

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Thank you to Ravens Roost #129 Of Lake Shore for your generous donation of Scentsy Buddies to Gilchrist Kids! They recently held a fundraiser with a goal to purchase more Buddies for our Gilchrist Kids program. Our therapy dog in-training, Cherish wanted to come to say thank you as well.

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