Nursing Assistants Week – Celebrating Our Hospice Aides

June 17, 2022, Hospice

Nursing Assistants Week – Celebrating Our Hospice Aides

Nursing Assistants Week (June 16–22) is a special time to celebrate and recognize the efforts of all nursing assistants, including hospice aides.

Vital Caregivers

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) first started practicing during World War I, when the Volunteer Nurse’s Aide Service was established by the American Red Cross. Today, nursing assistants are vital caregivers in the lives of millions of people with serious illness. Each day, more than 4.5 million caregivers provide hands-on care to our nation’s frail, elderly or chronically ill citizens in homes, nursing homes and other long-term care settings. 

Gilchrist Hospice Aids

Here at Gilchrist, our hospice aides create an environment of caring for all patients, building trusting relationships with each individual. Like all of our team members, hospice aides have a passion for serving others. These compassionate caregivers take on difficult day-to-day tasks without complaint, providing specialized personal care that patients and families rely on.

Hospice aides help individuals maintain dignity by assisting them with activities they have trouble doing themselves. For example, they help with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, hair care and feeding. Or, they may help transition patients from one area to the next, such as from the bed to the living room. This personal care can help take the stress out of everyday tasks and relieve family members of these responsibilities.

Some of Gilchrist’s hospice aides provide Caring Touch, a type of massage that promotes relaxation and comfort. Many patients find that it enhances physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Caring Touch can help those experiencing pain, fear, anxiety, depression and anticipatory grief as they approach the end of life.

Hospice aides often develop special bonds with those in their care, as they are the ones who interact with patients most frequently. They communicate closely with the rest of the hospice team, letting them know of any new symptoms or medical concerns. Aides get to know patients personally and offer much-needed companionship. By offering a listening ear and a warm touch, they provide vital emotional support.

The Pandemic

During the pandemic, hospice aides have continued to provide vital services to patients while putting their own worries aside. So it’s especially fitting that this year’s CNA Week theme is “I’m Still Standing.” To all of our hospice aides at Gilchrist and all nursing assistants throughout the nation, thank you for your continued commitment to patients and families.

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