Thanking Our Front-Line Caregivers this CNA Week

June 17, 2023, Caregiving

Thanking Our Front-Line Caregivers this CNA Week

The healthcare industry is made up of millions of talented and dedicated professionals – and almost as many letter combinations to indicate their various roles and responsibilities.

Some of these acronyms are familiar to those who are not practitioners in the field, such as MD (medical doctor) and RN (registered nurse). But there are others that leave many of us laypeople scratching our heads. Don’t believe us? Try this little quiz. Identify the full title and explain the role for each of the following acronyms:

  • CRNA
  • GNP
  • DO
  • LNC

Here’s the answer key: 1. CRNA: Certified registered nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia. 2. GNP: Geriatric nurse practitioners specialize in health care for elderly patients. 3. DO: Doctors of osteopathy are physicians trained in diagnosing and treating illnesses and disorders and providing preventive care. 4. CAAPM: Clinical associates of the American Academy of Pain Management are focused on the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of those in pain, as well as on the prevention of pain. 5. LNC: Licensed nutritionist counselors provide therapeutic nutrition care, including assessment, goal setting, counseling, or evaluating nutrient-drug interaction.

So, how many did you answer correctly? Five? Three? Less?

The good news is that you will not be graded, but we do encourage you to learn healthcare acronym today. And that is CNA.

Why are CNAs so important?

CNAs are certified nursing assistants. These professions aid and support doctors, nurses, and patients. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 1.4 million nursing assistants working today, and the demand for more is growing significantly.

Why are CNAs so important? Because they provide so much of the hands-on care to patients in a variety of settings, such as nursing homes.

It is impossible to overstate just how valuable certified nursing assistants are to the delivery of world-class care to older adults in assisted living communities and on hospice, either at home or at an inpatient center. And during the three years of COVID, they earned front-line hero status day after day after day.

From June 15 through June 21, we will celebrate Certified Nursing Assistant Week. The theme this year is “We’re Unstoppable,” which the National Association of Health Care Assistants drew from the inspirational song “Unstoppable” by Sia. The trade group even created a fun music video starring some CNAs flexing their muscles, which you can view here.

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